Domotex 2017: Inspiration, Color and Pure Design

There was a lot going on both outside and inside our booth this year at Domotex. Let’s start from outside, as we are very proud to announce that Aquafil with ECONYL® yarns was selected for the “Innovation@Domotex”! As such, we were granted a spot in the special area of the exhibition where our five new metallic colors, part of the ECONYL® color range, were displayed.

Also, being among the selected companies for the “Innovation” gave us the great honor of inviting some groups of architects and designers visiting our booth to discover more on the new metallic colors and the ECONYL® story.

IMG_0920.jpg  20170114_152915.jpg 

Five new metallic colors being added to our ECONYL® Global Collection wasn’t the only news this year; we also presented some new great achievements in sustainability. Our graphic displayed how our more than five-year journey with the ECONYL® Regeneration System and Aquafil’s path toward sustainability has resulted in a reduction of 35% in the Global Warming Potential indicator compared to 2015. This reduction is due mainly to three projects we had in place in the past few years:

- Improvement of waste pre-treatment process

- Energy optimization of the ECONYL® Plant

- Collaboration with Atlantic Water Park in Ljubljana sharing thermal energy in excess.  


We also presented design inspiration on two other walls in our booth. One wall was dedicated to Space Dyed techniques. And if you think Space Dyeing is an old process, think again! We believe that with our metallic colors, this technique will become a new fresh, trendy look in the marketplace.  

But trends also mean broader inspiration, so one wall of our booth was dedicated to some inspiring experiments with colors and techniques. Not a lot more to say, but there was a lot to see and feel!


We at Aquafil were not the only ones talking about inspiration or the ECONYL® story. This year many clients were presenting some great collections made with our ECONYL® 100% regenerated yarns both at Domotex and at BAU. We will talk about them broadly very soon, meanwhile, check out at the slideshow below!

  • 20170114_131628.jpg
    forbo @Domotex
  • 20170115_113611.jpg
    forbo @Domotex
  • 20170115_112851.jpg
    Moquetas rols @Domotex
  • 20170115_111722.jpg
    Moquetas Rols @Domotex
  • 20170115_114751.jpg
    The Sublime collection by Balsan in ECONYL® StayClean
  • 20170115_153442.jpg
    Ecos Collection by Suminoe @Domotex
  • 20170115_153530.jpg
    Tapibel @Domotex
  • 20170115_153612.jpg
    Tapibel @Domotex
  • 20170115_153648.jpg
    Tapibel @Domotex
  • ToucanT1.jpg
    Toucan-T @BAU
  • ToucanT3.jpg
    Toucan-T @BAU
  • Anker4.jpg
    Anker @BAU
  • Anker3.jpg
    Anker @BAU
  • Desso.jpg
    Desso @BAU
  • DessoJeans4.jpg
    Jeans Collection by Desso @BAU
  • Dura.jpg
    Dura @BAU
  • Forbo2.jpg
    forbo @BAU
  • ToucanT1-1.jpg
    Toucan- T @BAU
  • MaeshCollection.jpg
    Toucan- T @BAU
  • MID2.jpg
    M I D @BAU